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LEARN MORE Our Services

Meet Sara

Sara Walling

Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Instructor

Yoga Teacher

Accountability Coach

Health & Wellness Educator


Personalised Training

meVSme are Fitness Professionals who tailor their services to meet your requirements and desired outcomes, whether you want to lose weight, reduce body fat percentage, gain more lean muscle mass or to improve flexibility and mobility for longevity we can help.

Group Fitness

Exercising in a group is very motivating and rewarding. Why not bring a friend and keep each other accountable. Every session is different as we incorporate many styles to keep them fresh, exciting, and effective in achieving your goals.


Yoga is the unity of Body, Breath, and Mind. Regular yoga practice improves flexibility, mobility, and strength through Asana’s (poses). Our classes are suitable for all, each session offers options so you can continually improve your practice.

Teen Fit!

Is a program designed to get kids moving especially for those who don’t enjoy team sports, who aren’t competitive. Teen Fit! is a safe space to come and be active, to build confidence, and to assist with their mental wellbeing through fun and all-inclusive activities no matter their fitness levels.

Latest Articles

Emotional & Physical Support

Emotional & Physical Support

It’s no secret that everyone needs support when going through difficult times or implementing new changes and your fitness journey is no different. It is VITAL that you have a support network who can help you both emotionally and physically to achieve your health and...

Consistency and Creating Habits

Consistency and Creating Habits

Unfortunately, things don’t just happen, we have to make them happen. In order for us to create a change in our lives whether it is with exercise, eating healthy, being more productive at home, work, or school, giving up smoking ,etc. we need to make a continuous...

Why Accountability?

Why Accountability?

Why Accountability is important for your health and wellness goals The New Year is often a time for you to reflect on your health and wellness. Starting again on that journey to be a better version of yourself. To lose weight, to be more active, to set a good example...

Meet our Community

Paul's Story

“I started Personalised Training with Sara and meVSme in July 2020. I wanted to have more energy and have a general feeling of wellness. I love the enthusiasm and consistency I receive from my sessions and the accountability to keep me on track. I also attend the Group Fitness Sessions on a Saturday morning which really sets my weekend off on a good note. Sara adapts well to all levels of fitness and gets to know you personally and how far to push to get the best out of you. I would recommend meVSme’s services to anyone who wants to feel GREAT again.“





Diane's Story

“I have been training with meVSme since October 2020, participating in the Gentle Yoga Sessions. I was having pain in my legs, knees and also my right hip. After just one session a week I felt stronger in the legs and pain had subsided and as I continue to go to my yoga sessions I just keep feeling better and better. Anyone, young or older, should participate in meVSme sessions. They are tailored for everyone and each week you will see the results in strength and flexibility throughout your whole body. I got introduced to Sara and her yoga classes through a neighbour and it was the best thing that ever happened to me and now I’m recommending it to all my friends!!”

Elise's Story

“I have been training with meVSme since 2019 and couldn’t imagine life without it.I love that it is now just part of my weekly routine and I feel amazing after each session. I have lost weight, toned up and become so much stronger than I ever thought possible and it has made the world of difference on myself esteem and confidence. I love the variety, the people and the fact Sara is so knowledgeable. The sessions are fun and uplifting and there isn’t one that passes where we are not laughing! The beauty about meVSme is that anyone can train. The sessions are tailored so that every exercise can be modified depending on the person’s experience and strength level.
There is something for everyone!”

Start With “The Change in You”

“It’s all about ENERGY! The ENERGY you receive through our sessions, from your trainer, and from the people around you. The ENERGY you take away after each session makes you feel AMAZING! The ENERGY that grows within you helps you deal with the difficult or emotional aspect of your life. That’s why people choose meVSme!”