Yoga is for everyone, young or wiser, male or female. 

Yoga is the unity of Body, Breath, and Mind. Regular yoga practice improves flexibility, mobility, and strength through Asana’s (poses). Our classes are suitable for all, each session offers options so you can continually improve your practice.

Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits of regular yoga practice and they include:

Increase your flexibility, mobility, and balance

Increase muscular strength and tone

Help to maintain a balanced metabolism

Improve energy and vitality

Helps to reduce blood pressure

Relaxes and helps to maintain your nervous system

Helps with stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns

Meet Our Community

Emma's Story

“I have been doing yoga for the past 1.5 years, I had logged in online during the virus as many times as possible but have now gone back to doing the classes again. Currently I do one session a week and I have noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility and upper body strength from when I have started.
Not only am I making time and doing something for myself, I love the atmosphere, culture and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after the sessions and I am also learning new things.
The main reason why I started and continue exploring yoga is because it doesn’t matter where you are with your own journey, it is for all levels and abilities and the support you receive from Sara and the other participants is wonderful.
I highly recommend these classes.“

Ian's Story

“I practise yoga twice a week and I’m a lot more flexible, stronger and equally important in a much better position to handle stress. I can see and feel the change with my regular practise. After class I feel stronger, relaxed with a clearer mind and an inner relaxed state I have difficulty describing.
I have attended other classes but I really enjoy this one due to the balance between good instruction, a good pace and a few laughs along the way. This creates a great vibe and energy in the room. I would recommend meVSme yoga to everyone. The classes would suit the young to the not so young and you can work at your own pace.”

Gemma's Story

“As someone who has practiced Yoga for a number of years Sara & Erica run amazing classes which cater to all abilities. Over time Sara and Erica have helped me gain more strength, flexibility and confidence to try new moves I would have never thought I was capable of doing years ago. The environment is supportive and encouraging – I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Hands down best Yoga in the area x.”

Danielle's Story

“I have been training with Sara from meVsme since June 2019 doing yoga and fitness classes on a regular basis. I enjoy her yoga classes and have improved my flexibility and muscle strength since I started. Sara makes the classes enjoyable. Sara is very encouraging and supportive and has a great sense of humour. meVSme classes are suitable for beginner to experienced yoga participants.“





Chloe's Story

“I started yoga with meVSme in 2019 and I have absolutely loved my sessions with Sara. For all my life I have played netball competitively until injury stood in my way. While taking a break from the sport, I found my love for yoga
I love the sessions as it is time set aside each week for “me” time. After a crazy week at uni/work, I love coming to yoga where I can relax.
Since starting yoga, I have noticed my mental health has improved. Yoga has allowed me to take a break away from the stresses of studying and working full time.
I would recommend yoga to anyone. meVSme yoga sessions are suited towards any fitness level, age, and ability. You definitely won’t regret it!”

Lea's Story

“I’d known Sara for years through school canteen & followed with interest her yoga training in 2019 in India! I was excited to catch up with Sara at local fete on her return & won a 5 pass trial for expressing interest in yoga. It’s the one & only prize I’ve ever won and it changed my life! Sara is so personable & approachable. She has created a lovely, positive community & really takes an interest in each participant….and knows just how much to push everyone to feel that sense of achievement!
Since starting Yoga, I notice more of the changes when I MISS my sessions! Doing yoga with Sara has seen my stress levels & sleep improve & I have far less aches & pains. I also find I’m much more relaxed & able to deal with what ever life throws up when I do yoga regularly!
Sara has the knowledge & ability to cater for all ages, abilities & fitness levels. She also has extensive success working with disabilities & rehab patients!”

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The Change in ME

Start With "The Change in You"

"It’s all about ENERGY! The ENERGY you receive through our sessions, from your trainer, and from the people around you. The ENERGY you take away after each session makes you feel AMAZING! The ENERGY that grows within you helps you deal with the difficult or emotional aspect of your life. That’s why people choose meVSme!"