This challenge is an 8 Week lifestyle change program designed to help you make changes in your life for a healthier, happier, and more confident you!

During this 8 week challenge, you will have support and guidance from your coach who will educate you on how to make changes that are manageable and sustainable, eating real food.

If you want to:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • To lose weight and feel great
  • Be supported and encouraged to keep going
  • Have fun and effective sessions 

You will receive:

✔️Nutrition guidelines to assist in making healthier choices for a sustainable lifestyle

✔️Unlimited access to all meVSme sessions, Group Fitness, and Yoga

Please note, this is a lifestyle transformation challenge. Weight loss will be a consequence of YOUR actions and participation in this 8-week challenge, but it’s up to you!

Remember this challenge is like a car on your journey to reach your health goals, it is up to you to bring the fuel. It’s simple!

Contact us for the next challenge date!

Take care of your body

it’s the only place you have to live



The reason why I joined this programme was to get healthier, lose some weight and just feel better about myself so I can be the best for my family. My main expectations for the programme was to receive lots of support and push me out of my comfort zone. The thing I enjoyed most about the programme was the support and encouragement from Sara and the group. We all went through it together and we were all in it together and knowing that support was there enabled me to keep moving forward. Sara is very supportive and is always there to help, encourage and talk to. She went above and beyond to support us all through this lifestyle change.

I have managed to change my lifestyle to a more healthier, sustainable one and I am so much more conscious about what I am eating and how much. I love exercising and getting the heart rate pumping. I feel absolutely amazing and everyone around me can see it too.

My goals for the next two months are to maintain this type of eating and fitness lifestyle. I’m continuing to meal prep and exercise.

This programme is the BEST! I loved the support throughout the program and the results. Sara was always there when you needed her and pushed you to be your best! I am bragging about it to everyone!



I participated in the program to lose some weight around my middle and learn how to keep it off as I get older and going into the programme my main expectations were to get results and the education for ongoing maintenance.

What I enjoyed most about the program was the continuing ongoing support, accountability and encouragement from Sara and from the entire group. I was so impressed with the outcome of this programme and I now have more energy and no bloating feelings anymore.

The programme has been a life changer for me! I was particularly interested in the drop in my visceral fat from 9 down to 5. I really feel like I’ve invested in my health and have probably prevented future long term health issues.

My goals over the next two months are to maintain what I’ve achieved by continuing to follow the program with some occasional relaxation of restrictions on food & alcohol when out for social occasions while still making healthy choices. I am still going to continue to be active with dedicated exercise 3-4 times/ week.



I committed to the ‘Change in Me Challenge’ to  improve my overall health before having another baby. I wanted to lose weight, feel more energetic and have a health balanced diet and exercise program to follow which I can continue once I fall pregnant again.

My goal was to lose weight, feel better within myself and be guided throughout the journey.

What I enjoyed most about the program was the ways that it made me stay accountable, I also found it was encouraging doing it alongside other members so you didn’t feel alone in the challenging moments. I loved the list of ingredients in the nutrition guidelines that enabled me to become creative with my cooking in a healthy manner and set up real lifestyle changes

This program would be wonderful for anyone looking to improve their overall lifestyle, not just for weight loss but to have long term gains through nutrition, exercise and health.

I reached my goal and more. I  feel more energetic, healthier and happier within myself. I am so proud of the results I achieved.

My main focus now is to maintain the knowledge and lifestyle that I have adopted through the program. I’m not looking to lose more weight (hit my goal already) however I would like to continue the program and ensure I have a healthy balance so I don’t gain the weight I’ve lost.

Overall my experience was incredibly positive. I feel I should have done this sooner and am beyond pleased with the outcome. Sara really made the journey enjoyable and encouraged me consistently along the way. Without the support and encouragement from this program, I would not have achieved the outcome I have just by doing it on my own.



“The reason why I committed to the ‘Change in Me Challenge’ is because last year I gained about 5kg and I found it was hard to lose the weight. I also wanted to become stronger to be able to run around and enjoy more active activities with my sons. I then saw a post on the community webpage about this program. The workout timetable and locations looked perfect for me, so I thought it was time to make the change and jump in.

My goal was to lose weight, become stronger and bring a healthier way of living into my family.

I have managed to change my lifestyle into a more healthier and sustainable one.I lost more weight than I expected. I feel energetic everyday now.  I am not perfect and still adapting and adjusting but I learnt so much from the program which made me feel confident to continue to improve and become better and better. I will continue to  focus on consolidating the positive habits I have formed from the program.

I thought the program would be really hard, but it was not that hard since I started it. Sara always says: plan, plan, plan! That’s the most important thing to complete this program. Sara,  did fantastic preparations for each week and guided me to make the plans for my new lifestyle. She was supportive and the group as a whole were fantastic. Sara gave accurate information about the health lifestyle, practical nutrition guidelines, and along with a little bit pushing I achieved the results I set out to.”



The reason why I participated in ‘The Change in ME Challenge’ was realising that I had to do something to get rid if my tummy roll. Exercise was helping, weight was slowly coming off, and fitness improving, but  needed a kick start to a healthier lifestyle.

My main expectations for the programme were to learn more about what food was good for me, not only portion size, but a guide to ‘what’ and ‘when’. PLUS to reduce visceral fat. The best thing about the programme was being in a supportive group, not only incredible support from our coach, but also for each other. Recipe sharing, and never feeling like I was doing it alone. Sara was so supportive the whole time, she always gives so much of herself. Advice and so much support, checking in to see how things were going, how I felt and was coping and her positive approach to our end goals.

I can see that my eating has changed, and also my moving. I am continuing this lifestyle change as I can see the difference it has made, and look forward to further changes. I feel confident that I can sustain this style for me, I am comfortable eating out – I can choose healthy options, and the occasional treat I can enjoy without feeling like I am failing. Being able to eat properly, move and enjoy life is the reward, and I can choose wisely and still enjoy food and friends.

I WAS a little anxious or afraid I wouldn’t be able to do the 8 weeks, but with support from the group, encouragement and support from the coach it wasn’t too bad. I found some great ideas for food, and was also encouraged when any one of us took a step back there was so much support to keep on going.

I think being in a team is the same as group training, so much easier than on your own. It was definitely an experience and I am glad I found both the fitness group and made the decision to do the 8 weeks.

Attending fitness and yoga has made a HUGE difference in my life and I feel happier, fitter and even better medically.



I completed “The Change in Me Challenge” and I am so happy with my results, losing 9kgs in the 8 week lifestyle change program. This is something I would never have been able to achieve on my own!

There is a real sense of community that has aided in changing my whole outlook on health & fitness. Sara has created an extremely supportive group environment. I was very nervous about starting group fitness as it was completely out of my comfort zone, however, I found that I had nothing to worry about. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable and I now look forward to my group fitness classes.

The Change in Me Challenge has changed my life and given me the tools to be fitter & healthier than ever.

Happiness is the highest form of Health

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