This program is designed for children aged 10-16 years old who what to exercise in a fun and all-inclusive environment.

The meVSme team strive to make a difference in the lives of the community and what better way than through education. Our Group Fitness sessions have always been open to all and many often bring their children along, which we love. What better way to bring exercise into their young lives than by setting an example to them and making training the norm.

It was with this in mind that our Teen Fit! Program was born. The Program is designed to help get children moving who aren’t interested or don’t like the pressure of competitive team sports. The program focuses on educating your child(ren) to perform exercises correctly and effectively making them stronger and more confident.

The Teen Fit! program is run during the NSW school term and offers 2 session options, 1 suitable for Primary school ages 10 years plus and the other for High School children up to 16 years.

The program is operated during the school terms at Kings Langley Public school.

The program will focus on:

Functional Movements
Balance and Coordination
Education around good food choices
Fun inclusive activities and games
Positive body image through exercise and confidence building

Each session will include:

Warm up
Exercise focus
Cool Down

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