If you want a more tailored approach to your training then consider working privately with a personal trainer.

meVSme are mobile fitness professionals who come to you, to your home, to a local park or even to your workplace. With a truck full of equipment, they tailor their services to meet YOUR requirements and desired outcomes, whether you’re wanting help to lose weight or reduce body fat percentage, gain some lean muscle mass or just want to feel fit and healthy again, we can help. We pride ourselves in providing excellent exercise programs to assist with flexibility and mobility through functional movement with the additional application of resistance, when appropriate, to improve overall strength.

Our services include, but not limited to:

1 on 1 Personalised Training –

Workout in the comfort of your own home or at a park

2’s Company –

Exercise at home or in a park with a friend or loved one

Family Affair –

Make it a family affair and involve the children, lead by example and show them the benefits of exercise

Corporate Services –

Providing training for valued members of your team, investing in their health and well-being.

Meet Our Community

Jodie's Story

“Before I started with meVSme my overall health and fitness was very ordinary... Personal Training has helped me take more accountability for my choices and to work on reversing unhealthy habits. The biggest change I have experienced isn’t only that I’m more active, but I also WANT to be more active. I now challenge myself to make changes to allow myself to feel more healthy and happier overall.
I’ve had a lot of personal trainers in the past whose only focus was on my looks which felt very unsustainable long term because I didn’t feel happy in my body. At meVSme there is a more holistic approach that focuses on how I FEEL which overtime was positive for how I look.
Now I don’t focus on my weight solely because it was consuming but since starting with meVSme I have realised I would much rather feel healthier and happier in my own body, and feel like I wasn’t being held back by it.
I would recommend meVSme to anyone who have lost their way in fitness and need someone to motivate them in a constructive, gentle but firm way so that they can improve their lifestyle and feel more comfortable in their body.“

Marilyn's Story

“I felt very average and didn’t feel as good as I’d like to feel before I started with meVSme... I started attending Group Fitness and later personal training sessions with Sara and now I feel much fitter and healthier overall. I constantly have Sara’s voice in my head encouraging me and helping me make healthier choices.”
I really like the strong sense of community within meVSme and that my training changes every week and allows me to focus on a different part of my body. I always really look forward to my personal training sessions and get disappointed if I have to miss one.
I wanted to lose weight and tone up so I feel confident, and look good in my dress for my son’s wedding. Now I will continue with my training to become stronger and to increase my flexibility. Training with meVSme is great as it helps me train harder and maintain the intensity to a higher level than if I was on my own. Sara pushes and motivates me so I can reach my goals.
I think everyone would benefit from training with mevsme as in my experience, even though it’s hard, you get a really good rush afterwards which makes it all worth it.”

Pam's Story

“I engaged meVSme to help improve my fitness as I was off on a trip through Europe for retirees and I needed to be able to walk for 8 hours.
I am not an exercise lover! However, Sara designs specific training sessions just for me and my challenging chronic health care needs. I am so happy that I am on my way to better health under her tuition with private coaching within my home.
It’s hard but loads of fun. What I like best is the way she pushes you through those hard exercise regimes when you are about ready to give up with firm encouragement building your abilities and confidence.
I managed my trip, which was making me anxious and my daughter was overwhelmed with the progress I had made.
Sara’s innovative and enjoyable approach to helping people in and around our community under her concept “meVSme” exercise and yoga health is one I would highly recommend.”

Pat's Story

“I started training with Sara from meVSme after my doctor told me I needed to build some more muscle in my upper body. At 70+ my muscles were starting to go to waste so I needed to lift some weights and regain some lean muscle mass. It’s great that Sara comes to my home with her truck full of “toys” and shows me how to get the best out of each exercise. She ensures I’m doing the exercises correctly to prevent injury. I really enjoy boxing, it really gets my heart rate up! I can feel it’s doing me good. I’m stronger with more muscle definition too. It’s never too late to get started, give it ago, you won’t regret it!!!“

Rhiannon's Story

“I have been training with Sara since August 2019. During this time I’ve lost weight and increased my overall fitness. I like the convenience that Sara comes to me and does the training in my own home. I appreciate the way she adapts exercises to suit my capabilities. She motivates me and puts up with my complaining and whining of having to do more… (joking), no complaints I just don’t like to exercise but understand I need it….
I would recommend meVSme to everyone and anyone who wants personal service that is friendly, professional, fun and with no judgement. I also enjoy the Group Fitness sessions. It’s always a good laugh especially when parents bring their little kids to join in…
meVSme is great… The best thing I did was start with Sara instead of joining a normal standard Gym… now I know that I am doing it right and the tips for my diet have also been great! ”

Mariella's Story

“A friend and I started Personalised Training with Sara in 2020. I felt going to the gym wasn’t giving me the result I wanted plus our sessions have been very useful, especially as my friend Kendal and I both have toddlers and Sara comes to us, which means we can train whilst our little girls have a sleep or play together. Training together helps to keep us motivated. We can’t thank her enough for putting our needs first and is great with the girls if they are being typical toddlers. Our sessions are always fun and tough at the same time.
We also attend Group Fitness with Sara, where she challenges us to the best of our ability. I have felt amazing after each time I go and surprise myself in how much I can achieve. Some days I don’t feel like training, but once I am there and have done the session, I have never felt better. I am happy to recommend meVSme to any one who wants to improve their body, mind and just wants to meet new people. ”

More Services

Group Fitness


Teen Fit!

The Change in ME

Start With "The Change in You"

"It’s all about ENERGY! The ENERGY you receive through our sessions, from your trainer, and from the people around you. The ENERGY you take away after each session makes you feel AMAZING! The ENERGY that grows within you helps you deal with the difficult or emotional aspect of your life. That’s why people choose meVSme!"