Throwback to where it all started

It doesn’t really matter who I used to be.
All that matters is who i have become.

Sometime ago, I was living the dream….. well sort of, until I ended up breaking my ankle by slipping on a driveway in the rain!

After 3 operations, 2 screws, a plate and 5 pins later I developed a 10cm DVT. It was a tough time and I turned to food for comfort. I became anxious about going outside, especially in the rain and I lost a lot of confidence and through emotional eating the weight started to pile on. I went from a size 10 to bordering on 16 quicker than I would like to admit.

I had low self esteem, suffered from depression and anxiety, and as a result cameras, clothes and going out in public were all very nerve wracking for me. However, one fateful photo was posted online. It was innocent enough but I was swamped with embarrassment and shame, I thought to myself; “How could I let myself get to this point? “

My relationships, my health and my self esteem were all suffering at the hand of me not liking the way I looked. Enough was enough I wanted my life back.

So, I took a chance and explored this “Health” thing and made myself a priority!

After weight-loss shakes, fasting, challengers and gym visits I was making some progress. I would lose a bit, then put on a bit and the cycle continued. Eventually with perseverance I started seeing decent progress. But those last 10kg were difficult to shake. They clung to me and seemed heavier as I watched all those fit, strong, toned ladies at the gym. I wanted to be like them, but that was an impossible mission, seemed so far out of reach! Then the disappointment and depression would kick in and I would sink into discontentment and pity thinking; ‘Why am I even bothering?’ I then realised I needed to change my mindset. Comparing my own weight loss journey to others wasn’t bringing me closer to my goal, it was hindering it. I needed to focus on me, on my progress, TO JUST DO ME, one step at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time and be the best version of me every day.

Don’t get me wrong, it was hard and I would fall sometimes but I wasn’t prepared to go back to where I was.

It can be terrifying to give up something you have found comfort in for so long. It’s like stepping off a cliff and hoping someone will be there to catch you. But after every fall I would get back up. I wouldn’t focus on how hard or how far I had fallen back. I just focused on how I can get back up and keep going.

I want to help and support you as you take that first step. To be there at your first workout and to help you make changes to your nutrition at a rate you are comfortable with. Of course, the bigger the changes, the quicker the results.

Learn to be yourself again!

Start With "The Change in You"

"It’s all about ENERGY! The ENERGY you receive through our sessions, from your trainer, and from the people around you. The ENERGY you take away after each session makes you feel AMAZING! The ENERGY that grows within you helps you deal with the difficult or emotional aspect of your life. That’s why people choose meVSme!"