It is bittersweet that we say goodbye to our Ashram in the Himalayas. Today is our last day, we leave tomorrow at 4am. So we got up before the sun and headed down for a walk along the Ganga, soaking up the morning air and the sound of the river. We met up with a few friends along the way.

After a quick breakfast we headed into town for the last time to spend the day doing our favourite things. Shopping and eating the veggie burger we have been dreaming of for the last couple of weeks. It tasted better than we imagined.

Taking in the sights one last time, the sounds and smells that we first found intoxicating. The monkeys that snarl at you if you look at them. The cows who just sit in the middle of the road causing traffic issues and just not giving a hoot and the colours, so bright and cheerful.

We will miss you x