Why Accountability is important for your health and wellness goals

The New Year is often a time for you to reflect on your health and wellness. Starting again on that journey to be a better version of yourself. To lose weight, to be more active, to set a good example for the kids, etc. which is great don’t get me wrong, however where a lot of us fail with this quest is due to loss of motivation, lack of support either from family, friends or from a trainer, being held accountable to our goals.

I would like to share with you my tips for success after my own weight loss challenges!

Often WILLPOWER alone isn’t enough to keep you on track as this can often diminish if not supported by other measures. Your motivation for change needs to be intrinsic, YOU need to want to improve your health and wellbeing for yourself, not to please a partner or when the doctor has told you to. YES, it will be hard and at times daunting to step out of that comfort zone and alter the way you have been living your life, you may feel alone and scared about giving up your “go-to” comforts when you are feeling down. With support from your Coach, your “Fit Family” and Friends, with a clear goal in mind, you’ve got a better chance of success.

So think about what you want to achieve, soul search as to why this is important for you to get on the health journey train. Be honest with yourself!

Well done, that was the first step, facing reality! 

Now let’s get ready to smash our goals in 2022! 

And then…..

  • We have had a busy day at work
  • We didn’t sleep well last night
  • It’s cold outside
  • I need to do X, Y, and Z

Sound familiar?

Yep, we lose motivation and 1 missed session turns into 2 then a week has gone by and then a month, and all the hard work you have put in falls to the wayside and you are often back to square one, or even worse you are heavier than what you were in the beginning!!!

This is where accountability is important. Here are my tips to keep you on track to not only reach your goals for 2022 but to SMASH them!!!! 

  1. Be accountable to yourself, add your sessions into your diary, and don’t double book yourself. What is more important than you and your health!
  2. Have yourself a BFF to help keep you accountable – “Best Fit Friend” someone who will call you out on your Bull S**T and remind you of why you are doing this! 
  3. Be part of a fitness community, make new friends, gain inspiration from others, find yourself an awesome trainer 😜
  4. Make a plan, map it out and stick to it
  5. Set milestones to the end goal and reward yourself when you achieve this, not with food! Maybe a facial, new activewear, a float, these types of rewards
  6. Make your training sustainable – ideally, I would recommend training at least 3-4 times a week and being “active” for the rest of the week through walking, incidental exercise, etc.
  7. STOP MAKING EXCUSES – remember your GOALS and your WHY

I hope this helps you to reach your goals, if you want further assistance in keeping accountable join our “Change in Me – Membership” 

Sara Walling – Founder/owner of meVSme